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City and County of Honolulu
Problem Report

Please check the section that relates to the problem you would like to report:
Abandoned Vehicle Playground/Equipment Sidewalk
Civil Defense Siren Park or Beach Driver's License Services
Pothole/Road/Street Condition Public Restroom Street Light
Storm Drain Clogged Refuse/Bulky Item Pick-up Fire Hydrant
Street Sign Missing/Damaged Motor Vehicle Registration Street Tree
Graffiti Satellite City Hall Traffic Signal
Curb/Gutter Damaged/Uplift Sewer (please call 768-7272) Other:
Please describe the problem and include details that help us understand 1) What the problem is, 2) Where it is, 3) When it was observed:
Please provide the address closest to this location, and/or detailed instructions to assist us with finding it:
Sometimes we need additional information to help us locate or resolve the issue you reported. For this reason, we ask that you provide your name and a phone number and/or email address so that we may contact you. We respect your privacy and will keep your contact information confidential.
Name: Phone:
* Please click the Submit button only once; it may take a couple of seconds to process.
* If you wish to print a copy for your records, please click Print before you submit.

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Department of Information Technology
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